Role of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry

The speedy evolution of technology in the last decade opened doors for industries. The most striking is the digital marketing industry that has testified the growth due to the progress in technology.  And now, businesses are turning into digital marketing from conventional marketing strategies.

One industry that continuous embracing digital marketing is the healthcare industry. The modern technology with the advantages of digital marketing helped the healthcare industry to grow.

Healthcare digital marketing maybe a new concept for most, but i slowly gained recognition in the healthcare sector.

The importance of digital marketing in healthcare industry:



2 billion people are using a smartphone worldwide. It is impossible to escape from the rise of digital marketing. Trends and statistics show the digital marketing growing and overtaking traditional marketing. Patients and medical professionals use smartphones for research and study as well as seek treatment options online.


Consumer Behaviour

How consumer behaviour changed over the years. Nowadays, consumers go online to have an extensive research to weigh various options that match their needs. Healthcare consumers today are wiser which is important to build digital healthcare campaign.


Digital Channels

Digital platforms are advancing at a speedy pace which focus on digital ads, mobile apps, social media and content marketing. Healthcare digital marketing gained importance over the years since there is a notable rise in the adoption of these digital marketing techniques.



Consumers nowadays seeks for a reliable and user friendly user experience. Progressing technology demands for innovative healthcare contents and service. Implementing hefty healthcare marketing strategy on digital platforms will help the healthcare industry worldwide grow.



  • 77% of patients book appointment online
  • 44 % patients schedule their appointment using a smartphone

Adopting Digital marketing in the healthcare sector will solved problems and loop holes ad help improve to be more organized and reliable.

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