Misconceptions about Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Health care is a business. Majority of physicians relied on traditional strategies to drive leads for their business. Marketing is was considered unnecessary and out of the topic. 

Time’s definitely changed. You should take advantage of digital era where people are always online. Patients and clients prefer going online to schedule appointments and read contents about your practice. 



search online for information about treatment options or to learn about health concern or care providers



use search engine before booking appointment with a local health provider

Digital marketing plans and campaign can be disheartening for anyone who are not familiar with the platforms that are available.

Here are the common mistakes about digital marketing plus how you can start using digital marketing to advertise your medical practice.

1.  Digital marketing costs too much

Online marketing channels cost significantly less than traditional channels. It means using websites, search engines, social media etc in marketing are better than using direct mail, Tv ads and radio ads.  Social media is the least expensive platform. It will provide exposure to 1,000 people by just spending $3. 

2. ROI is not measurable

Campaigns in digital marketing are all measurable and charge for real time results. These information are possible to understand like how many reached and engaged on your contents which convert to new business. 

3. Online marketing is not effective

Digital marketing provides immediate results. Using a simple Facebook ad campaign for 3 months can generate new followers on their page that will lead to new patients. With the right strategy, using SEO and PPC services can generate new appointment requests every month and have direct impact on your business growth.

4. When it comes to websites, more is better.

Your website represents your practice. Your patients must easily navigate through your website and find the information they need. Your website should be clean but with a lot of substance in it. 

5. Doctors don’t need to worry about branding.

Your personal  brand is important. Aside from having a strong presence online, you have to make sure that you have great rev. These reviews can generate new business and can impact the retention of your existing clients. 

Healthcare patients are selective and should be informed. You need to embrace digital marketing because it is every business’ future.

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