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Prefer a doctor’s office that provides email communications.

Healthcare Email Marketing is very much alive

The average rate for healthcare emails is 22.43%. One of the highest open rates in any industry.

Email Marketing keep clients and subscribers engaged and in know about everything in your facility

You can stay on top of the mind of your clients, patients and your target audience.

Email marketing is not free but it is low cost and a strong option to every marketing plan

Emails can increase engagement to your socials profiles and website, provides valuable content about your facility to users, and serves as an information hub for your patients.


Email List Creation

We create lead magnets that will attract people to provide email address and receive newsletters from you.


A personalized automated emails provide customer service for your facility.

Targeting & Segmenting

Segmenting allows you to send relevant emails that your clients want to see.


We design professional aesthetic emails that aligned with your brand identity catered for your audience.

Results & Optimization

Metrics such as lead scoring, sit tracking, engagement reports etc will track the behavior of your clients in email lists. From these results we optimize your campaign accordingly.