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Out of 1,500 small businesses, 49% rated Graphic Design as very important to business success (AYTM)

Designing purposeful graphics is a result from commitment in understanding the demands of the clients

Authoritative graphic design leads to accurate and effective communication to your corporate branding and medical marketing messages.

Graphic Design in healthcare requires a unique type of creativity at the intersection of compliance with brand strategy, creative integrity and regulatory stringency

Designing for healthcare is a completely different league. We focus on being more creative t bring client's messages to life.


Bafmin's design team is focused on providing fresh, creative and professional deliverables in all media types

Poster Design

Bafmin's design team offers healthcare industries that allow doctors to make reference to the sponsor's brand as a partner in their daily professional work

Print Design

Powerful designs will help you present your findings concisely in form of an article, manuscript, presentation etc.

Package Design

We customized design for clinical materials and contributes to client's understanding.