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or almost 88% of all US digital display ad dollars will transact programmatically.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

The process of using technology to buy and sell ad inventory through an automated and data-driven procedure. It also represents most types of ad spaces on all screens including video, mobile, native and display ads. The term gets used a lot within the digital advertising industry and often relates to areas such as real-time bidding (RTB), remnant inventory and open auctions.

Programmatic advertising can provide a significant competitive advantage in reaching your target audience

At this point, healthcare agencies would be wise to consider programmatic marketing as part of a core strategy to attract, nurture and convert potential customers. In Programmatic advertising, media planners can buy audiences online; the technology can be linked with tools such as CRM and marketing automation software, so the media buy is not capturing those outside of a defined audience type. Marketers can also define campaigns based on a prospect’s response to content.

Programmatic advertising facilitates cross-channel opportunities

Marketers can see where their audiences go online, allowing them to develop cross-channel content, including video, article downloads and blog content. This deeper glimpse into how people behave online, and insight into the sites that people favor, makes programmatic marketing iterative—teams can explore and brainstorm new ways to deliver personalized messages based on online behavior.

Social media is responding to healthcare communities

Programmatic marketing is expanding into the healthcare sector thanks to new tools from social media juggernauts, including Facebook. Facebook is creating online support communities that connect members with health interests. Additionally, Google and Apple have indicated that they are likely to venture into online healthcare marketing opportunities. Online communities, through social media and on popular sites, give healthcare marketers expanded opportunities to invest in advertising and retargeting campaigns.

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Reasons You Should Be Using Programmatic Advertising

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